The Charm of Lake Ranau from the Top of Mount Seminung

At an altitude 1,880 meters above sea level, Mount Seminung is known for its beautiful and exotic natural panorama. This mountain is perfect for beginner climbers because the hiking trail is relatively short and not too steep. There are 2 alternative official routes used by hikers. One is through the tourist village of Lumbok Ranau in West Lampung (2-3 hours away) and the other is through Kotabaru in South Sumatra (4-5 hours away).

Mount Seminung Surounded by Lake Ranau/

Rows of edelweiss flowers will accompany the journey to the top. Edelweiss will only bloom perfectly once a year in the July – August time period,so time your itinerary as best you can. At the top, the vast expanse of Lake Ranau and the crater overgrown with dense green plants will immediately relieve fatigue due to climbing. You will only get this view at Mount Seminung.

The peak of mount Seminung/
Edelweiss at Mount Seminung/

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